Every Communication Captured

We connect and consolidate your critical enterprise communications, voice files, trade data, collaboration conversations and social media.

Our live data connectors

A wide range of high-performance, scalable integrations that help you collect, store, access, and use your data to drive better business outcomes. With Global Relay connectors, you can meet your regulatory obligations, remain compliant and gain valuable business insights to help you run, manage and grow your business.

Why customers choose our live data connectors

End-to-End Security

Your data remains securely encrypted in transit and at rest. We own and operate our entire technology stack with fully redundant systems in each of our mirrored, SOC-audited data centers.

Fast. Scalable

Our connectors are designed to process petabytes of data from multiple sources on a continual basis. Whether you have a single data source or global enterprise, our connectors scale to your needs.

Intelligence Built-in

With rich, full-text classification and advanced AI and Machine Learning models, Global Relay not only understands what is said, but how it’s being said.

Jurisdictional Compliance

Consolidate data from multiple jurisdictions into a single solution with physical or logical segregation to meet global privacy and data protection regulations.

Getting started couldn’t be easier.

Find the right connectors

We’ll assist you in finding the right connectors and getting the communication channels ready for archiving.

We’ll set you up

We’ll make sure your Global Relay Archive is ready to capture, classify, and securely store your data. Or we’ll deliver your data feed to your preferred system.

Authorize the capture

For some feeds, such as social media, end users will need to authorize capture. Whatever the requirements, we’ll support you all the way.

… And you’re good to go. Happy collaborating!