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Global Relay for Reddit provides seamless archiving of your company’s subreddit threads. Stay complaint and strengthen your information governance, surveillance, and eDiscovery workflows by capturing posts, profiles, wiki and moderator activities within your company’s subreddit communities.

Key Differentiators

  • Keep a record of the changes in company and alternate subreddits when company profile is used including posts, comments, replies, and attachments along with moderator activity including Modmail.
  • Store your company’s Reddit data in a single, unified repository along with email, social media, IM, text message, and other eCommunications data
  • Metadata/files are automatically downloaded and enriched before being captured and Archived
  • Secure, compliant, unified archiving via the Global Relay Archive
  • A single solution, a single source of accountability – cut through the web of multi-vendor complexity
  • Perform granular searches, expose patterns and trends, and discover actionable insights hidden within your data
  • Multiple subreddits (public, restricted, or private) per company
  • Posts (including events and collections), comments, replies, attachments
  • Edited post, comments, replies, attachments
  • Subreddit moderator(s) archiving – Modmail and moderator actions (log of activities)
  • Posts and comments made in alternate subreddits using company’s profile

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