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Global Relay for Telegram

Future proof your organization and mitigate the risk of off-channel communications by enabling Telegram for business use with Global Relay for Telegram.

Key Differentiators

What is Global Relay for Telegram?

Global Relay for Telegram is a secure, direct data capture solution that enables the retention and archiving of your Telegram communications data, including direct messages, group messages, channel messages, and shared files. Capture data directly from source with our Telegram API, and empower your teams to compliantly communicate with their customers using their preferred channels.

What are the key benefits of Global Relay for Telegram?

Over the past few years, global regulators have issued billions in fines to firms that failed to capture business communications made on certain communication channels. As regulatory scrutiny increases, you can safeguard Telegram compliance with Global Relay’s secure, direct data capture solution. With Global Relay’s Telegram Connector, you can ensure that every Telegram chat is preserved ready for potential audit or regulatory review.

Maintain complete oversight of the emerging potential threats within your business and archive Telegram data in a highly functional, compliant archive. With Global Relay’s one-stop shop for communication compliance, you can reduce administrative burden and mitigate the operational risks of using multiple third parties. Consolidate your technology stack and ensure Telegram compliance from capture and archive through to surveillance.

Key features of Global Relay for Telegram

  • Leverage seamless, native capture of Telegram chat content directly from user accounts with Telegram API Connector
  • Gain effective oversight, eDiscovery and surveillance with real-time capture of data stored in its native format
  • Easy access to indexed data, stored in a search-ready state in the Global Relay Archive
  • Review conversations in context with intelligent message threading

Global Relay for Telegram captures:

  • Direct Telegram messages and events
  • Group Telegram messages and events
  • Telegram channel messages and events
  • File and media-shared files
  • Message edits
  • Reactions, Emojis, stickers
  • Secure, compliant archiving of Telegram communication via the Global Relay Archive
  • A single solution, a single source of accountability – cut through the web of multi-vendor complexity
  • Discover actionable data insights through advanced analytics
  • Direct source capture through Telegram API ensures data integrity and reduces risks of corruption and data loss

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