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WhatsApp Enable Your

Compliant connection to your customers and prospects using WhatsApp

Your Business WhatsApp Solution

Global Relay is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, providing a secure integration to the WhatsApp Business API (WABA) to capture and archive your business communications.

We provide 24/7 enterprise support to manage your WhatsApp Business account and automate your business phone numbers, so all you need to focus on is your customer outreach and engagement.

Here’s why you should WhatsApp-enable your business:

  • Empower your employees
  • Leverage your brand
  • Be WhatsApp compliant
  • Maintain control

To get started please fill out the form or alternatively call:

UK: +44 203 206 1850
US: +1 866 484 6630

Your Compliance Solution

Empower your employees

  • Connect to customers on the apps they use. Accelerate business growth and outpace your competitors.
  • The Global Relay App is tied to a business number. It separates your business relationships from your personal life and eliminates compliance risk.
  • Voice, Text, WhatsApp and Search combined in our omni-channel app is simple, convenient and compliant.

Leverage your brand

  • Your credibility online is tied to the strength of your brand presence. A new prospect will trust a connection from an authentic and notable business account which highlights your company, logo and line of business.
  • We give you the tools to present your brand in an organized and professional manner. Automated templates and disclaimers ensure consistency and compliance.

Be WhatsApp compliant

  • Relationships matter. Global Relay’s relationship with WhatsApp marries community with compliance.
  • Your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) is the cornerstone of your brand. Global Relay provides centralized management of your WhatsApp- enabled workforce, ensuring compliant data capture and archiving.
  • As a direct WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), we work with Meta to provide complete 24/7 support.

Maintain control

  • Our Connectors capture, reconcile, and structure WhatsApp data, preserving its original format to ensure quality, accuracy and completeness, with delivery to our archive or yours.
  • The Global Relay App, tied to your Business number (owned by your company), protects and retains your customers and their records.
  • Our integrated compliance technology stack meets core regulatory requirements (SEC, FINRA, FCA, MIFID II).

Separate Your Business and Personal Life

Social messaging for business

A second number enables you to connect with your customers, represent your company
and remain compliant.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) service is only
part of your BYOD solution. A second number with
the Global Relay App makes it complete.

Seperate Your Business And Personal Life

Your Brand on WhatsApp

Setting you up for success

Global Relay works with you to provide a
complete technical implementation and representation of your business and its
brand on WhatsApp.

Your next referral

A client’s referral, with a simple Share in
your Profile is the easiest way to grow your business.

How you can customise WhatsApp to your own branding

The Global Relay App is Flexible

BYOD – One phone, two numbers

  • Registering new phone numbers or porting existing numbers
  • Separating your business and personal life
  • WhatsApp enablement fully automated by Global Relay

Global Relay App enables Voice, Text, WhatsApp and Search.

Landline leveraging your existing number

  • North America only (+1 country code)
  • Zero disruption, retain your existing telco voice plan
  • WhatsApp enablement fully automated by Global Relay

Global Relay App enables Text, WhatsApp and Search.

Corporate mobile, no carrier plan impact

  • Registering new phone numbers or porting existing numbers
  • Separating your business and personal life
  • WhatsApp enablement fully automated by Global Relay

Global Relay App enables WhatsApp and Search.


Global Relay App BYOD deployment has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and cleanest separation of business and personal life.


All Global Relay App deployments above are synchronized across Mobile (iOS & Android), Desktop and Web.

WhatsApp for Business Enabled
by Global Relay in 4 steps

1. Register your company with Meta

  • Registers a Meta Business Management Account (BM) in the Meta Business Suite
  • Set up an Administrator under the BM
  • Administrator provides BM ID to Global Relay

2. Confirm your Line of Business

Customer to provide Global Relay with:

  • Each Line of Business (LOB) and its display name
  • A disclaimer for each LOB
  • An estimated number of WhatsApp for Business users for each LOB

Global Relay:

  • Enables Customer, Global Relay and WhatsApp integration
  • Sets up custom disclaimer for each LOB
  • Sets up required introduction template for each LOB
  • Automates required business initiated conversation templates for text, media and documents
  • Manages your clients Opt-Out service (GDPR/ privacy)

3. Approve your WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABA) with Meta

Global Relay:

  • Creates one or more WABAs on behalf of the customer for each LOB
  • Notifies customer’s Administrator of WABA creation within the Meta Business Suite


  • Approves WABAs

4. Activate your service

Customer determines the phone number enablement policy within each LOB:

  • BYOD, Landline or Corporate Mobile

Global Relay provisions the above phone
numbers based on

  • Customer’s LOB Groups (manual)
  • Customer’s Active Directory Groups (SCIM automation)

Your WhatsApp account is now eligible for verification

Employee is WhatsApp enabled in the Global Relay App