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Jira Cloud

Enable Global Relay for Jira Cloud for regulatory compliance, advanced surveillance, and eDiscovery.

Regulatory scrutiny is growing, and regulated organizations are facing increasing expectations to maintain a complete archive of system changes and project data. With accountability and scrutiny on the rise, organizations need to know data and issues are tracked and stored seamlessly and compliantly.
As an integrated Jira and Confluence partner, Global Relay provides seamless archiving of Jira projects and metadata with direct, secure integration to the Jira Cloud API via the Global Relay Archive.

Key Differentiators

  • Access comprehensive, customized, and real-time capture of selected content for effective oversight and eDiscovery
  • Leverage context capture to enhance regulatory compliance
  • Unlock secure recordkeeping of captured data in the Global Relay archive
  • Cut through the web of multi-vendor complexity with a single solution and accountability
  • Access seamless capture and archival of Jira cloud data, including related metadata in native format
  • Provides comprehensive capture of project description, comments, attachments, and issue details
  • Utilize option to exclude selected project data
  • Search for captured data via, Global Relay Archive
  • Access a seamless single-vendor solution for data capture, archiving, and eDiscovery
  • Jira cloud data
  • Admin selected project data
  • Issues related to projects
  • Project description, comments, attachments, issue details

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