Data Migration


Upgrade to Global Relay’s Cloud Archive

Don’t let archaic systems slow you down – remove data management headaches and gain peace of mind, with quick and secure migration to our private cloud.

Fully compliant cloud archiving that gives complete confidence

In a constantly changing technology landscape find a strategic technology partner that continues to innovate and help you meet your supervision, surveillance and e-discovery needs.

As pioneers of the cloud archiving solution we pride ourselves in exceptional data retention quality powered by our exceptional AI models.

Access relevant data in a matter of seconds, scale your operations and cut down costs by migrating to our cloud solution.

Solutions for your current archiving challenges

  • We give you 24/7 support at your fingertips.
  • Our dedicated Data Services team provides an exceptional customer experience for a smooth transition and continued support.
  • We provide Discovery-as-a-service where you can leverage our professional services team to produce relevant data at a moment’s notice.

  • Our private cloud ensures maximum data security.
  • Private data centers allow us to exercise highest level of security and data loss protection standards.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by housing your data in our green data center run by hydro-electric power and cooling technology.
  • We are here to meet your expansion needs with our highly scalable infrastructure.
  • Our infrastructure is made to hold petabytes of data with ESG in mind.
  • Reduce and better predict overhead costs in hardware, admin and software.

Supervision and eDiscovery

One place to discover actionable insights and perform prompt e-discovery.

  • Unified archive with customized access based on the user’s particular needs
  • Superior search capabilities complemented with AI reduces unnecessary noise
  • Get results in a matter of seconds
  • Single click legal hold with no custodian involvement

Enabling new communication channels

Our award-winning open connector framework enables you to keep up with the changes in the communication landscape seamlessly.

We support over 100+ data types currently without compromising on data retention quality by providing a complete audit trail and a clean chain of custody.

Global Relay Extractor for EV (EVX)

Global Relay Extractor for EV is our ultra high-speed, scalable service that extracts your on-premise data from Veritas Enterprise Vault™ directly to Global Relay Archive.

  • Mitigate the risk of lost or unsecured data
  • Industry-leading extraction performance with zero downtime
  • End-to-end chain of custody and reconciliation
  • Securely control, manage, and automate user management

Global Relay Extractor for S1 (SOX)

The Global Relay Extractor for S1 (SOX), is a high-performance utility that migrates your data held within Dell EMC SourceOne™ on-premise servers. It then efficiently and securely transfers it to Global Relay Archive.

  • Maintain the chain of custody with data segregation and data classification
  • Streamline data management processes and reduce the burden on your IT staff
  • Leading extraction performance with zero downtime
  • Requires minimal hardware / IT resource

Get ready for the countless benefits of cloud with our comprehensive guide

Eight Simple Steps to Migrating Your eComms Data to the Cloud

Cloud-hosted data archiving can cost up to 30% less than on-premise storage, while providing benefits such as scalability, resilience, and enhanced security. Despite such advantages, some organizations are hesitant to move off-premise due to misinformation around complexity, security, and expense.

In our cloud migration eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Significantly decrease your archiving costs
  • Improve records management processes and empower non-technical users
  • Eliminate data silos by consolidating all eComms records in a single system
  • Migrate legacy on-premise systems to the cloud in eight simple steps

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