Professional Services


Professional services for every step of your compliance journey

Global Relay’s team of dedicated professionals are on hand 24/7 to deliver expert advice and support, for everything from eDiscovery and audit, to data migrations.

Data, delivered 

With over 20 years’ experience in managing communications data, we deliver best-in-class data services. Whether you want to connect a new data source to your archive, migrate your legacy data, or build bespoke AI/machine learning models, we have a solution.

Be investigation-ready with the data you need, at a moment’s notice.

During critical investigations, every second counts. With Global Relay, you can seamlessly manage eDiscovery and legal requests to find, gather, and present relevant, accurate, and complete data when you need it most.

Onboarding support at every stage 

We take the heavy lifting out of your onboarding journey, giving you access to technical specialists who guide you through every stage of your transition to Global Relay. Once you’re successfully deployed, you’ll have continual access to our customer success teams, as well as 24/7/365 access to customer support.


Bespoke programs for our largest customers.

For our larger customers, with more complex requirements, we have created an Enterprise Success Program, tailored to the specific technical, legal and business requirements of your company.


  • Define scope of work
  • Capture workflows
  • Finalize architecture design
  • Build detailed project plan
  • Procure infrastructure
  • Project kickoff


  • Automate identity sync
  • Configure roles and access
  • Define classification tagging
  • Deploy services in scope
  • Establish data flow


  • Customize training plan
  • Schedule instructor-led training
  • Design role-based curriculum
  • Refine configuration
  • Confirm go-live readiness

Our professional services offering:

We’re proud of our reputation for delivering gold-standard customer service and support. Our professional services guarantee:

Comprehensive onboarding

A proven and responsive onboarding plan, broken into phases to meet your unique business objectives.

Employee readiness

Get your teams up and running quickly with training specific to their roles. A comprehensive training plan will be designed featuring various options to accommodate all learning styles.

Migration expertise

Our team has been successfully importing and migrating data efficiently and securely for over 20 years, refining our tools and processes with each migration.

A phased, measured methodology

Our proven, agile onboarding strategy is broken out into phases to meet your unique business objectives.

Transparent timelines

Get a clear picture of your implementation schedule for every step of the way, helping you successfully allocate resources.

Identity and Access Management

Leverage your existing IAM solutions to automate your user and group administration.

Trainers and curriculum

Training specialists create custom curriculum for your unique teams, workflows, and configurations, to make certain your users are ready for go live.

Ongoing, expert support 24/7/365

Our technical and support teams and always available when you need us.