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Global Relay provides seamless archiving of Zoom Chat, Meeting, and Webinars. Enhance your organization’s information governance, compliance, and eDiscovery workflows by capturing Zoom in-meeting chats, files, recordings, and more.

Key Differentiators

  • Easy setup with the Global Relay app in Zoom Marketplace.
  • Selective capture at the group level – for the accounts that matter most.
  • Independent of cloud recording.
  • Meeting recordings, chat messages, in-meeting polls, private and public in-meeting chats
  • Capture in-meeting chat and regular chat.
  • Zoom Chat can archive direct IM conversations and Channels, including attachments
  • Voice recording is coded in AMR format with high voice quality and very small attachments
  • Depending on the size, video attachments will be stored locally on Zoom’s side
  • A link will be embedded in the message body if it exceeds the message size, or it will be attached to the email ID below 100 MB

For Zoom Chat:

  • Customers must have a paid Zoom subscription
  • Customers need to have Cloud archiving services enabled under IM Management, in their Zoom account
  • Chat encryption must be disabled, or messages will not be readable

For Zoom Meetings:

  • Customers must have a paid Zoom subscription
  • Global Relay Archive for Meetings app required
  • The following permissions are needed on the Zoom account, setting up the services:
    • View groups
    • View all user meetings
    • View all user recordings
    • View all user information
  • Unlike Zoom Chat, encryption does not need to be disabled to allow Zoom Meetings to be archived
    • Contact Zoom Support to enable archiving
  • Designated administrator navigates to the Zoom Marketplace
  • Install Global Relay Archive for Meetings
  • Input SMTP credentials in Zoom Configuration Page, as well as selecting groups that you want to archive

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