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Global Relay for Zoom

Compliantly capture and preserve Zoom communication data to meet regulatory requirements and minimize hidden risks to your business.

Key Differentiators

What is Global Relay for Zoom?

Global Relay for Zoom is designed to compliantly archive communications data from multiple products, inclusive of Zoom Meetings, Webinars, and Phone. Capturing data through our Connector enhances your organization’s information governance, compliance, and eDiscovery workflows, while ensuring you meet stringent regulatory expectations.

What are the key benefits of Global Relay for Zoom?

In order to ensure Zoom compliance with regulatory recordkeeping requirements, firms must capture and preserve Zoom chats. Global Relay for Zoom empowers you to meet such requirements, from SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 to MiFID II.

As well as ensuring Zoom compliance, Global Relay for Zoom allows you to boost efficiency by reducing time spent manually tagging, classifying, and structuring data. Global Relay automatically enriches and structures data within your Zoom Archive, so you can view conversations as they would have happened, and search through them in seconds to understand much-needed context. With Global Relay’s end-to-end compliance solution, you can mitigate third-party vendor risk, with capture, archiving, and surveillance all in one place.

Key features of Global Relay for Zoom

  • Zoom message threading with context: Back-and-forth conversations are threaded so meaning doesn’t get lost. View conversations in a similar format to the original
  • Native voice transcription: Automatic or on-demand transcription of all Zoom voice data using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Easily investigate voice communication for compliance or eDiscovery purposes
  • Profile and identity management: Automated directory synchronization is supported for unified identity and profile management. Single Sign-On is also supported
  • Supervision and eDiscovery: Apply policies with lexicon lists to monitor and flag incoming Zoom voice and electronic communication. Easily escalate reportable events with a complete audit trail of all actions
  • Global Relay or external archive support: Export complete Zoom data and metadata to cloud or on-premise archives

Global Relay for Zoom captures:

  • Zoom chat data, voice and video recordings, meeting polls data
  • Metadata such as start/end time of meeting, duration, participant information, meeting universally unique identifier (UUID), topic, user’s join/left timestamp
  • Up to 1.4GB supported – where a message body exceeds 1.4Gb, a link to the full message will be embedded in the archived message body
  • One integrated platform: Our proprietary solution is built for security, scalability and resilience. There are no dependencies on third-party technologies
  • Scalable: Our infrastructure holds petabytes of data for some of the largest financial institutions
  • Data integrity checks: Constant integrity checks in place with a fully resilient archive to ensure complete data set is being reviewed for reportable events
  • Explainable AI to reduce false positives: Auditable AI within intuitive platform to create customized AI models with transparent accuracy results
  • Best in class support: 24/7 support with a human on the other side of the phone – always

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