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Cloud9 Technologies has a trade turret app called C9 Trader for quick voice communications between trading floor individuals with the press of a button or hot key on the keyboard. Cloud9 converts voice data into mp3 format and sends it over to Global Relay in an email with the mp3 file as an attachment

Key Differentiators

  • Capture voice call recording and data from the C9 Trader Enterprise Service in the Global Relay archive.
  • Quick and easy setup with simple end user administrations and authentication.
  • Voice transcription supported through Global Relay’s native AI transcription service.
  • Voice recordings for the duration of each time a button is pressed in the C9 Trader application
  • Cloud9 calls
  • Critical metadata
  • Start/stop times
  • Call duration
  • Participants
  • Customer will need to be an existing custom of Cloud9
  • Need to confer with Cloud9 on the requirements on the send side
  • Cloud9 handles the conversion and X-header addition

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