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Global Relay for Vodafone is a secure, in-house data capture solution that enables collecting and archiving of SMS and voice call data at mobile network operator level. Reduce risk by capturing data direct from source, and enable your teams to compliantly communicate with their customers using their preferred channels.

Key Differentiators

  • Native connector leverages Global Relay Open Connector Framework for scalability, efficiency, and data consistency.
  • Capture SMS text message data and voice call recordings directly from Vodafone recording portal
  • Metadata/files are automatically downloaded and enriched before being captured and Archived
  • Direct source capture ensures data integrity and reduces risks of corruption and loss
  • Secure, compliant, unified archiving via the Global Relay Archive
  • A single solution, a single source of accountability – cut through the web of multi-vendor complexity
  • Perform granular searches, expose patterns and trends, and discover actionable insights hidden within your data
  • Message and voice call data is stored and sorted based upon customers retention period request
  • Intelligent grouping and conversation threading increases audit and review efficiency
  • Option to enable online transcription for all recordings or selected users/groups
  • SMS text message data
  • Voice call recordings
  • All the data captured directly comes from Vodafone recording portal

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