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Global Relay for Website and Blog Archiving

Meet increased regulatory expectation for marketing messaging and consumer duties by capturing your website and blog data and preserving it in a compliant archive.

Key Differentiators

What is Global Relay for Website and Blog Archiving?

Global Relay for Website and Blog Archiving ensures that your website and its ongoing changes are captured and archived compliantly, so that your organization is always meeting the requirements of auditors and regulators. Capture all website and blog pages and instantly store them in your compliant archive to meet recordkeeping requirements.

Global Relay’s Website Connector is a web-based solution that captures and retains dynamic web content. As content is added or changed on your website, it creates digital snapshots, meaning you have an auditable record of exactly what your site showed to the public at a given point in time.

What are the key benefits of Global Relay for Website and Blog Archiving?

In the past few years, the industry has seen increased regulatory scrutiny around how financial institutions interact with their customers, prospects, and the public. From new Marketing Rules in the U.S. to renewed focus on Consumer Duty in the U.K., regulators have made it clear that they expect firms to be capturing and monitoring the way that they interact with key stakeholders.

Your company website is one of your most important means of communicating with your customer base and prospects, as well as your partners and employees. With our Website Connector, you can ensure Website compliance to meet new and existing regulations. Archive website versions through a secure API and save countless hours scrolling through versions with easy and effective search functionality.

Key features of Global Relay for Website and Blog Archiving

  • Interact with archived website versions to see exactly how it looked and behaved at specified times
  • View previous website versions in an online dashboard, so you have an interactive encyclopedia of web versions – not just screenshots
  • Generate on-demand, detailed summary reports of website and blog activity
  • Export webpages as PDFs for audits and compliance purposes
  • Access and download all website documents and files, inclusive of Word, Excel, PDF, and more
  • View graphical representations of your website and blog content, including the breakdown of changes and changes by file type

Global Relay for Website and Blog Archiving captures all dynamic content on a website, including:

  • Website change history
  • Images
  • Files
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Text files

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