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Cisco Voice Recorder

Global Relay for Cisco Voice has been built to help you meet regulatory requirements (SEC Books and Record Rules, IIROC Requirement, and MiFID II), a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with existing Cisco systems to record specified users and directly and securely transfer call and recording data to the Global Relay Archive.

Key Differentiators

  • Record and securely archive one-to-one calls between Cisco phones, Cisco phones/external number, conference calls, and trombone calls
  • Option to transcribe recorded voice to text
  • Powerful eDiscovery capabilities enable precise call archive searches and fast information retrieval
  • Manually search for spoken words of build surveillance policies to detect spoken words/phrase
  • Secure, compliant, unified archiving via the Global Relay Archive
  • A single solution, a single source of accountability – cut through the web of multi-vendor complexity
  • Automatic Global Relay transcription options enable advanced search, surveillance, and eDiscovery
  • Identify, analyze, organize, and share data with the right people with powerful surveillance and eDiscovery capabilities.
  • Record specified users and directly and securely transfer call and recording data
  • One-to-one calls between Cisco phones
  • Cisco phones/external number
  • Conference calls
  • Trombone calls
  • Compatible with Cisco Telephony systems from version 12.0

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