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WhatsApp Business for Global Relay

Meet global recordkeeping requirements and mitigate the risk of ‘off-channel communications’ within your firm by implementing WhatsApp Business for Global Relay.

Key Differentiators

What is WhatsApp Business for Global Relay?

In the last five years, regulators have issued more than $3 billion in fines to firms who failed to capture business-related WhatsApp chats. With WhatsApp Business for Global Relay, you can embrace WhatsApp as a tool for business while meeting recordkeeping obligations.

WhatsApp Business for Global Relay is the only provider to capture and archive your firm’s business communications through a direct WhatsApp API, mitigating the risk of data loss or corruption associated with data scraping.

What are the key benefits of the WhatsApp Business for Global Relay?

With Global Relay’s compliant solution for WhatsApp, you can empower your firm to communicate with customers and colleagues on the app that’s familiar to them. Global Relay’s direct relationship with Meta ensures your WhatsApp communication data is fed directly from source into a compliant archive, in near real time – ensuring you’re always up to date with emergent threats to your firm. Mitigate the risk of using multiple third parties for compliance, and save hours lost to manual data tagging with Global Relay’s end-to-end compliant communication solution.

Key features of WhatsApp Business for Global Relay

  • Direct, legitimate source capture for all WhatsApp chats and messages
  • Preserve both text and voice communications in a compliant WhatsApp archive to meet recordkeeping rules
  • Review conversations with context through intelligent group threading of WhatsApp chat messages
  • All WhatsApp communications are captured in near real-time, ensuring that everything is accounted for – even if users delete messages after they’ve been sent
  • Deploy granular policies and sentiment analysis for enhanced WhatsApp supervision
  • WhatsApp chat
  • Images sent within WhatsApp chat
  • Attachments
  • Videos
  • Audio clips

What you need to get started

  • WhatsApp Business for Global Relay flows through the Global Relay App
  • You will need a WhatsApp account, and to have authorized Global Relay for archiving

Empower your organization by delivering WhatsApp data to Global Relay Archive:

  • Reconcile and unify your WhatsApp data with all of your other electronic communications, voice, video, chat, social media, trade data, and files
  • Preserve tamperproof records, including automated audit trails of all actions, with optional WORM-compliant storage
  • Get a full picture of who said what, when, and to whom
  • Enrich your data with dynamic AI models and participant-based classification
  • Manage the data lifecycle with flexible retention terms, data residency options, and defensible deletion policies
  • Apply dynamic, automated legal holds
  • Perform advanced search and retrieval across all data in seconds
  • Empower your Legal, Compliance, Security, and Business teams with private workspaces (Functions) to access and analyze data
  • Streamline eDiscovery and early case assessment using advanced classification and AI, case management tools, timelines, and data visualizations
  • Detect policy violations using surveillance monitoring and AI-enabled behavioral analytics
  • Efficiently supervise employee communications using AI models, lexicons, classification, and flexible policies
  • Review conversations in context with intelligent threading of messages
  • Securely share data and ideas with built-in collaboration tools
  • Work with structured, enriched, and easily readable data to get complete and accurate discovery results

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