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Global Relay for Android Messages

Connect your Android Message data to your compliant archive to preserve business communications and meet regulatory recordkeeping obligations.

Key Differentiators

What is Global Relay for Android Messages?

Messaging and mobile communications serve as vital channels for conducting business, yet many regulated organizations still restrict their usage for business purposes. Global Relay offers a unique solution to capture, store, and monitor mobile communications in their original format. They provide robust options for managing Corporate-issued Android phone environments, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while facilitating seamless communication.

What are the key benefits of Global Relay for Android Messages?

Meet global recordkeeping requirements from MiFID II to FINRA Rule 4511 and SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 with Global Relay Android Message. Ensure unparalleled data security and no data loss with direct data capture. Keep up with emerging communication channels and mitigate the risk of using multiple third-party vendors by consolidating your compliance technology suite with Global Relay’s end-to-end compliant communication solution.

Key features of Global Relay for Android Messages

  • Convenience at your fingertips – Text compliantly with customers using Android Google Messages or Samsung Messages as the default messaging app
  • Carrier-agnostic data capture – We work with you to support your existing carriers to provide easy onboarding and enrolment and seamlessly capture SMS and MMS messages
  • Keep existing mobile numbers – Send and receive Android SMS and MMS messages using existing corporate mobile numbers, eliminating the need to acquire additional phone numbers
  • Preserve file attachments – Automatically store files, photos, and voice notes from your device’s default text messaging app, enabling secure retention and simple retrieval
  • Ensure compliant archiving – Streamline your operations with tools for regulatory compliance, archiving, supervision, surveillance, and eDiscovery – all available within the Global Relay Archive
  • Reconcile and unify your Android Message data with all of your other electronic communications, voice, video, chat, social media, trade data, and files
  • Preserve tamperproof records, including automated audit trails of all actions, with optional WORM-compliant storage
  • Get a complete picture of who said what, when, and to whom
  • Enrich your data with dynamic AI models and participant-based classification
  • Manage the data lifecycle with flexible retention terms, data residency options, and defensible deletion policies
  • Apply dynamic, automated legal holds
  • Perform advanced search and retrieval across all data in seconds
  • Empower your Legal, Compliance, Security, and Business teams with private workspaces (Functions) to access and analyse data
  • Streamline eDiscovery and early case assessment using advanced classification and AI, case management tools, timelines, and data visualizations
  • Efficiently supervise employee communications using AI models, lexicons, classification, and flexible policies
  • Securely share data and ideas with built-in collaboration tools
  • Work with structured, enriched, and easily readable data to get complete and accurate discovery results

Capture all Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages and Rich Communication Services (RCS) on your Android device’s default text messaging application to meet regulatory requirements.

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