The Source Podcast: Getting into scrapes – Why you can’t scrape by on compliance

In our second episode we're joined by Vince Dimase, Global Director of Customer Strategy, LSEG, as we dive into why scraping is never the solution. While some providers believe scraping is ‘good enough’ when capturing communications, when it comes to compliance firms run the risk of not having the full data picture. We review why native connections and capture-from-source will keep organizations out of regulatory scrapes.

03 June 2024 2 mins read
By Jay Hampshire

Tune in for expert insights into:

  • The policies and processes firms need to implement to enable complaint WhatsApp and social media use
  • Why relying on data scraping to collect communications data might not be comprehensive enough to meet regulatory requirements
  • The need for firms to ensure they’re capturing every communications channel they use – not just the most-used

Compliance relies on having complete data – and relying on scraping-based methods means you’re always at risk of data loss. Our data Connectors capture communications data direct from source, utilizing direct APIs and our partnerships with platform providers to ensure that the data you capture and transfer to your compliant archive is the same data your business is sharing. Get regulator ready – and never lose a message again.