Industry Insights Report: Compliant Communications 2023

Global Relay's first industry insights report, which serves as a litmus test for market responsiveness to regulatory action for recordkeeping and communications compliance.

Crypto communication: insider trades and regulatory crusades

The former product manager of cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase has been sentenced after being found guilty of insider trading.

New York Department of Financial Services revises vetting rules for CCOs

The New York Department of Financial Services has published revisions to the vetting guidance for CCOs and other members of the C-suite.

Proposed amendments to FINRA Rule 3110 alter regulatory expectation for WFH

FINRA has published amendments to Rule 3110.19, which would alter the frequency that on-site visits are conducted for home offices.

Fed report on SVB crash: time for a change?

The U.S. Federal Reserve Board has published its review into the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, unveiling wide-ranging failures from both sides of the regulatory fence.

FSOC proposes changes to non-bank regulation loopholes

In light of recent market turbulence, the Financial Stability Oversight Council has set out proposals that will bolster its ability to assess the systemic importance of non-bank financial organizations for Fed oversight.

UK regulators take aim at WhatsApp: is this the first domino to fall?

The UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority has censured a bank for wide-ranging regulatory failings, including a lack of formal record keeping procedures to manage or retain WhatsApp messages.

OSFI Annual Risk Outlook: emerging risks in an evolving financial landscape

Canadian regulator, OSFI, has said that a culture of compliance is a “competitive advantage” in its 2023 Annual Risk Outlook. We take a look at four critical areas for the year ahead.

What do explainability and compliance have in common? It’s in the ‘AI’

As global regulatory bodies move to explore the implications of ChatGPT and other large learning models, we speak to Global Relay’s in-house experts about the importance of explainability.

£80k fine for Chief Information Officer who mismanaged IT migration

The Prudential Regulation Authority has fined the former Chief Information Officer of TSB £81,620 for his role in the mismanagement of a 2018 IT migration which saw hundreds of customers unable to access funds.

Fine for firm where iMessage blocker failed: cooperation is key

The U.S. regulator has shown that it really will reward firms that cooperate with enforcement action, in a fine issued for iMessage failures.