Off-channel communications

Regulatory Wrap Episode 34: FINRA Reacts to an Emerging Culture of Off-Channel Comms

In Regulatory Wrap for the week to June 28, Jennie Clarke covers FINRA’s set of fines for off-channel communications activities, underlining the consequences of improper recordkeeping and supervision.

Back to bASICs – Australian regulator sets out business communications expectations

The Australian securities regulator has joined its global neighbors in clearly setting out expectations around business communications risks, and how firms should mitigate them.

The Source Podcast: Getting into scrapes – Why you can’t scrape by on compliance

In our second episode we're joined by Vince Dimase, Global Director of Customer Strategy, LSEG, as we dive into why scraping is never the solution. While some providers believe scraping is ‘good enough’ when capturing communications, when it comes to compliance firms run the risk of not having the full data picture. We review why native connections and capture-from-source will keep organizations out of regulatory scrapes.

The Source Podcast: Communications Channels – why you need to catch them all

In the first episode of our series, we're joined by Pankaj Anand, Head of Governance Technology Solutions, StoneX, as we explore growing regulatory demands around communications capture, how technological innovation is changing the messaging landscape in real-time, and how regulation expectation is evolving alongside it.

On Demand: Capture if You Can

Watch our on-demand Webinar and join compliance industry experts as they set out key strategies to combat non-compliant communications.

On Demand: Comms in Crisis Webinar

Watch our on demand Webinar and join compliance industry experts as they answer the question: why is it so hard to communicate compliantly?


Regulatory Wrap Episode 11: Evaluating Trends Over The Years – WhatsApp & SMS – But What’s Next?

In Regulatory Wrap for the week to October 27, 2023, Jennie Clarke explores regulatory enforcement trends from throughout the year - and what these can tell us about potential trends for 2024

Goldman Sachs sacks four executives for serious violations of communications compliance policy

Goldman Sachs has terminated four executives, including its head of transaction banking, for “serious violations” of the firm’s communications policies and failure to cooperate with compliance teams.

Compliance Podcast Series: Episode 5 – Stay Ahead of Regulations

In the final episode of the series, Raewyn Danvers, Global Relay Sales Manager, Unified Communications, shares her insights into how industry professionals can get ahead (and stay ahead) of regulatory compliance technology trends.

Compliance Podcast Series: Episode 4 -Global Relay Industry Insights Report

In part four of this five-part series, Jennie Clarke, Global Relay Head of Content, shares a preview of the findings and trends from our Compliant Communications 2023 industry insights report.

Compliance Podcast Series: Episode 3 – Regulatory Changes on the Horizon for UK Firms

In our five-part podcast post series with the Compliance Podcast Network, we explore messaging compliance in a shifting regulatory landscape.