The Source Podcast: Garbage in, garbage out – Why data quality and metadata integrity matter

In episode three, we're joined by Garrett Chow, Director, Commercial Operations at Global Relay, to get to grips with data quality and the importance of metadata retention. Having access to complete communications data and metadata, in the right format that’s easily sortable and searchable, can make all the difference between good regulatory relations – or being told to clean up your act.

18 June 2024 2 mins read
By Jay Hampshire

Tune in for expert insights into:

  • Why it’s vital firms prioritize data quality and completeness when capturing communications – and how they can make sure they’re capturing at high-quality
  • The importance of capturing metadata, and why firms need to be able to quickly search, sort, and make sense of their communications data and related metadata
  • The benefits of capturing high-quality data and metadata, from better eDiscovery and more effective Surveillance to ‘feeding the machine’ for more performant AI

Good compliance relies on good data. Firms need to ensure they’re able to comprehensively capture all of their communications data and associated metadata, whichever channels they’re using, and seamlessly transport it to a secure, compliant archive. Once archived, data should be easily searchable and sortable so firms can quickly respond to regulatory requests and unlock the benefits of advanced eDiscovery, surveillance, and AI tools.