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On Demand: Capture if You Can

Watch our on-demand Webinar and join compliance industry experts as they set out key strategies to combat non-compliant communications.

01 May 2024 1 mins read
By Jennie Clarke

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On May 1, 2024, Global Relay sat down with Jaqueline Hummel, Director of Thought Leadership at SEC3, and Howard Fischer, Partner at Moses Singer, to discuss how to build effective, future facing communication compliance strategies.

Watch to gain valuable insights on how to revitalize your policies, strategize to deter noncompliance, and prepare for future regulation. Watch back for discussions on:

  • BYOD rules and personal device management
  • Attestations and breach matrix updates
  • Communications surveillance efforts and lexicon implementation
  • Whether compliance technology is the answer and, if not, what is

Comprehensive communications compliance that keeps you on the right side of regulators is a job you need the right set of tools for. From the Global Relay App to our range of Connectors, our products are designed to compliantly capture your communications across every channel – so you can work with confidence.