On Demand: Regulatory Wrestling – The Compliant Culture Smackdown

Watch Global Relay's Regulatory Wrestling: The Compliant Culture Smackdown on demand.

18 September 2023 1 mins read
by Jennie Clarke

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On September 14, 2023, Global Relay’s compliance champions – Alex ‘Vigilante’ Viall, and Rob ‘The Enforcer’ Mason – entered the ring to wrestle with the emerging focus on compliant culture.

Watch below to see two industry titans go head-to-head in three knockout rounds:

  • How important are conduct and culture to regulators now?
  • Is policing culture really the role of the regulator?
  • Is senior management the key to good culture?

If you’re looking for a solution that enables you to capture business communication and bolsters your compliant culture efforts, Global Relay can help. Check out our communication surveillance offering.


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Published 18 September 2023

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