Ofgem’s £5.4 million fine shows Morgan Stanley still hasn’t gotten the message on compliant communications

With UK energy market regulator Ofgem fining Morgan Stanley £5.4 million for traders’ use of personal WhatsApp accounts for business, is it time for UK firms to get the message on communications compliance?

Car Crash or New Superhighway? – AI, Audits, Accountability, and the FCA

A recent speech from the Chief Executive of the FCA has outlined their direction of travel on Big Tech and AI regulation. But with the FCA itself being audited on its effectiveness as a ‘digital regulator’, what does this mean for organizations and accountability?

Is the FCA becoming the ‘Financial Culture Authority’?

A recent speech from the FCA has highlighted culture as an area that organizations need to prioritize. Do rules like the upcoming Consumer Duty indicate that the FCA will be prioritizing culture when it comes to regulatory scrutiny?

FCA speech warns firms that there is “nowhere to hide” for non-compliance

The Financial Conduct Authority has started to outline its new enforcement strategy, issuing a warning for firms to “get their ducks in a row now”.

Eyes on the prize for the FCA’s new Consumer Duty

The FCA’s Sheldon Mills has set out key steps in the final stages of implementation for the new Consumer Duty, as well as reminding firms about the ultimate benefits of the rule.

Time to own up? FCA pursues senior execs in £18m enforcement

The FCA is pursuing action against three senior executives in an £18m enforcement. Accountability is on the rise, from increasing enforcement through to emerging regulation.