eDiscovery & Legal Holds

Find the facts. Lose the technical headaches.

Get data in seconds. Visualize and analyze it on demand. Work as a team to piece the story together.

Reduce complexity and cost.

Global Relay puts your legal and other business teams in full control of the eDiscovery process. There’s no need to collect, or process data when a subpoena, litigation, or internal investigation begins. Instead, your team has instant access to every email, IM, social media post, file, or other message sent or received across your organization.

Search data in seconds. Use real-time AI models to filter out noise and zero in on relevant data. Analyze, search and visualize your data in seconds, with collaborative review and case management built in.

How it works

Proactive data processing

Global Relay captures, processes, and preserves your data in real time. This includes evaluating your data against AI models and classifying it based on the custodians involved. The resulting data set is available for instant search, analysis, and review by your legal and other business teams.

Analysis & review

Advanced but intuitive search, visualization, and AI tools help your team find data quickly, understand what they’ve found, and cull data down to what’s truly relevant. Collaborative cases provide tools to review, code, and export data. Every action is logged and reportable.

Legal holds

Traditional legal hold solutions can only manage the process of contacting custodians, informing them of their obligation to preserve data. Global Relay modernizes legal holds by integrating hold tracking and data preservation in a single system. You can place a legal hold with a single click -no custodian involvement required.

Take control of your eDiscovery process.

Reduce risk, empower your team, and preserve a clean chain of custody.

Embedded analytics, visualizations, and AI models help your team spot patterns, detect anomalies, and quickly drill down to relevant information.

You can use sentiment analysis to focus on messages with negative emotional language; or simply generate a communication timeline, see a spike in messages on a specific day or hour, and jump to the underlying messages to see what people were discussing. You can also build your own relationship graph with custodians and groups of interest.

Whatever the data set, our AI and analytics tools will help you make sense of it and uncover the story behind it.

With Global Relay’s custodian-based classification, your team can search, review, and analyze data in its full historical context.

We capture, process, and preserve both your communications and other data in real time. As each item is imported into our systems, we tag it with custodian information, like department and location. We also dynamically pull custodian information from your internal systems, making sure we’re always up-to-date. Classification tags preserve a record of who and where each custodian was at the time the message, or other document, was created.

Need to find all communications between your research team and a specific trading desk two years ago? You can find them in seconds with classification tags. Now there’s no need to look up who worked on the research team or trading desk at the time. Want to see which departments a custodian was communicating to on a certain day? You can quickly find the answer on a relationship graph.

With integrated collaboration tools, you can work efficiently with your team and external counsel, while ensuring data security and chain of custody.

Case administrators can share case data and workflows with reviewers – secure in the knowledge that this access is tightly controlled. Reviewers can only work with data in the case. They can’t remove data or share it with anyone else. You can also enforce a segregation of duties for placing and releasing legal holds.

Integrated instant messaging, channels, and file sharing keep all internal communications related to a case secure and organized.

We constantly scan your data to ensure its integrity – from import through to final disposition. Our Constant Integrity Check scans verify that all data is present, viable, and accessible, for as long as you need it. When you need to produce data for the courts, regulators, or other third parties, you can confidently stand behind it.

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