On Demand: Compliance & Conversation – What could the U.K. general election result mean for the future of regulation?

Global Relay sat down with Ashurst Partner, Brad Rice and Seung Earm, Partner at Ibex Compliance LLP, to discuss what the U.K. election result could mean for financial services.

04 July 2024 2 mins read
By Jennie Clarke

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On July 3, 2024 – the eve of the U.K.’s General Election – Global Relay’s Chief Strategy Officer sat down with Seung Earm, Partner at Ibex Compliance LLP and Bradley Rice, Partner at Ashurst, to discuss what the election result could mean for the future of regulation.

Watch on demand and hear expert opinion* on how a changing government could affect the economy and financial services more broadly, including:

  • The importance of balancing regualtion and growth in the U.K. financial sector – how can we build a robust regulatory system while also fostering innovation and competition?
  • Whether an outcomes-based regulatory approach may prove an effective solution – would a move away from rulebooks foster better results for financial services?
  • The importance of the U.K.’s trading relationship with the EU and other territories, and the interplay with crypto regulation.

*The opinions expressed in this panel discussion are those of the individual speakers and are not those of Global Relay.