What is compliance archiving?

Compliance archiving, also called eDiscovery archiving, offers a robust system for storing and managing electronically stored information (ESI) so organizations can meet data retention regulations including audits and internal investigations. Compliance archiving addresses this need by ensuring the long-term, secure, and readily accessible preservation of ESI.

21 March 2024 2 mins read
by Jennie Clarke

Benefits of compliance archiving for enterprises

For enterprise organizations grappling with mountains of electronic data, compliance archiving offers a powerful solution. By centralizing and securing ESI, you can streamline eDiscovery searches, effortlessly meet data retention mandates, and mitigate legal risks. In addition, compliance archiving improves operational efficiency and importantly, facilitates legal holds.

Compliance archiving vs. traditional archiving

A compliant data storage solution is essential in today’s data-heavy world. Organizations across the globe are increasingly recognizing the limitations of traditional archiving, which include limited accessibility and search capabilities, lack of security, and scalability challenges. In contrast, compliance archiving is a secure, scalable solution that simplifies eDiscovery.

Regulatory compliance solution archiving with Global Relay

Global Relay’s compliance archive solution is a cloud-based solution that stores all your data in one powerful archive that keeps you compliant, informed, and in control. Global Relay Archive is the only compliance archive solution that constantly scans data to ensure its integrity, from import through final disposition.

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Published 21 March 2024

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