Cloud Archiving for enterprises

15 March 2024 2 mins read
by Jennie Clarke

Cloud Archiving for enterprises

A cloud archive enables companies to store their cold data in a secure and accessible digital center. They’re perfect for long-term data retention, especially for regulated companies that are required to retain certain records for 5 years or more.

Cloud storage is typically considered more cost-effective than onsite archive storage, since there’s no need to purchase or upgrade physical data disks. In fact, some public cloud archives cost as little as one cent per gigabyte.  But enterprise companies are more likely to opt for a private cloud archiving service in order to protect the security and integrity of their data. Alongside data protection, making archived data accessible and ensuring compliance for backup sources are all priorities. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Cloud Archiving solution by Global Relay

At an enterprise level, organizations value the privacy of their data, but when operating at such a scale, the cost of cloud data storage also plays its part. That’s where Global Relay can help you find the right balance.

We partner with businesses to build customized cloud archiving solutions that suit both operational and regulatory business needs. For example, the platform can:

With increased cyber threats in today’s age, enterprise companies are pressured to invest once, and invest right. We help clients to avoid unauthorized data access by dual encrypting the data so even the cipher keys are unknown to the masses. Plus, we are the only cloud archiving solution that monitors data 24/7 to check that it’s present, viable and accessible. This guarantees data integrity for future use.

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Published 15 March 2024

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