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What is HITRUST certification?

Learn about the advantages of achieving HITRUST certification and how Global Relay's solutions can help organisations streamline the certification process.

21 March 2024 1 mins read
By Jennie Clarke

What is HITRUST certification?

HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) is a comprehensive framework used by organizations to protect sensitive data using a highly effective regulatory compliance and risk management approach. Although initially designed for the healthcare sector, the expansion of HITRUST to encompass other industries, including financial services, highlights its versatility and relevance on a broader scale.

Implementing HITRUST CSF

Integrating HITRUST controls into financial operations boosts data protection, risk mitigation, and compliance with industry standards. HITRUST’s alignment with ISO/IEC 27001 and HIPAA streamlines compliance efforts, creating efficiencies that can save firms valuable time. HITRUST’s adaptable framework suits diverse organizational goals, ensuring secure information management globally.

HITRUST certification benefits

Achieving HITRUST compliance demonstrates a firm’s commitment to data security and regulatory requirements. Compliance professionals in financial services can leverage HITRUST certification to enhance their data protection measures and instil trust among clients and partners, positioning your firm as a leader in data protection within the competitive financial services landscape. 

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Published 21 March 2024

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