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What is communications supervision?

Communications supervision, also called communication surveillance, refers to the proactive monitoring of corporate communications to detect policy violations or areas of concern. This could include disclosure of confidential information, offensive language, and rogue trading. Communications supervision tools spot and review issues, and allow you to conduct documented investigations more easily.

26 February 2024 1 mins read
By Jennie Clarke

Why is communications supervision important?

Navigating complex legal landscapes requires meticulous oversight of all business communications. From client emails to disclaimers, ensuring compliance with regulations forms the bedrock of effective risk management. Comprehensive monitoring capabilities across every interaction are therefore an indispensable asset, enabling organizations to achieve FINRA compliance and FCA compliance.

How do you maintain compliant communications?

Underpinning your organization’s communication compliance policies should be an effective communications supervision tool. Unstructured data, like emails, instant messages, and voice calls account for around 80% of your business records. Leveraging a single system that monitors all electronic communications gives you a complete view of what’s happening across your business.

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Published 26 February 2024

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