Securing Your Hybrid Workplace

How to manage a culture of compliance alongside the needs of a changed hybrid workforce.

31 May 2022 2 mins read
By Jennie Clarke

Creating a risk-ready business through intelligent archiving

As hybrid working has become mainstream, many organizations still face compliance risks from the ongoing use of new communications tools adopted during the pandemic to keep dispersed teams connected.

With more employees now working from both home and the office (and across different channels and devices), the lines are becoming increasingly blurred when it comes to business-related communications and how these are tracked and supervised.

The norms that were previously established in the physical workplace are also more challenging to oversee in a hybrid environment. If not actively managed, these nuances could expose companies to significant risk, including unforeseen litigation.

That is where intelligent archiving and lightning-fast data retrieval comes in, to help Compliance, Legal, and HR teams optimize the benefits of hybrid work while mitigating the risks.

Read our eBook to discover how to improve your organization’s risk resilience in a hybrid world:

  • Embed policies that cater for new and emerging communications channels
  • Minimize the risks of workforce polarization on your company culture
  • Maintain the loyalty and buy-in of a changed workforce

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