Global Relay for Reddit provides seamless archiving of your company’s subreddit threads. Stay complaint and strengthen your information governance, surveillance, and eDiscovery workflows by capturing posts, profiles, wiki and moderator activities within your company’s subreddit communities.


Global Relay supports over 100 native data connectors and can support any data type through its universal SMTP connector. Our advanced Open Connector technology ensures we can rapidly support new and evolving data types, to preserve all your critical communications data.

Yammer (Viva Engage)

Take full advantage of Yammer, while remaining compliant, litigation-ready, secure, and in control. Our Yammer connector creates and delivers high-quality, tamperproof records of direct messages, shared files, etc. in real time. Turn your data into structured conversations and send it wherever you want – to Global Relay Archive or your other data management or analytics… Continue reading Yammer (Viva Engage)


Global Relay Archive allows your organization to confidently connect with customers, prospects, and partners on Facebook.


Global Relay Archive allows your organization to benefit from the Instagram, while adhering to regulatory compliance; eDiscovery, recordkeeping and supervision.


Global Relay Archive allows your organization to share videos on YouTube, while addressing eDiscovery and regulatory requirements, for recordkeeping and supervision.


Global Relay has teamed up with Hootsuite to offer a complete solution for social media marketing, management, pre-approval, archiving, and compliance. This partnership combines Global Relay Archive, the world’s best cloud-based archiving service, with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard.


Collaborate compliantly and keep pace with emerging risk by capturing user data and company information with Global Relay for LinkedIn.

Twitter (X)

Global Relay Archive allows your organization to benefit from the powerful, micro-blogging social network, while addressing eDiscovery and regulatory requirements for recordkeeping and supervision. Designed and built in-house, Global Relay Archive for Twitter is easy to deploy and transparently captures your employees’ Twitter activity, no matter where they are, or what device they use.