Refinitiv Messenger

Global Relay and London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG, previously, Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters) have had a strong 13 year partnership. Global Relay’s archiving technology comprehensively captures and preserves all communications conducted within Refinitiv Messenger, Refinitiv’s communication and collaboration platform. Refinitiv messaging data can be searched and viewed within the archive as threaded, color-coded conversations – with summary… Continue reading Refinitiv Messenger


Completely integrated with the Bloomberg Terminal, our unique chat and email-parsing technology, lets you capture chat text chat emails, incorporate crucial deal details, and send them directly to your Global Relay Archive. All chats and emails are archived and auditable, enabling you to meet compliance requirements.

CME Chat

Pivot 360™ / CME Chat is an integrated collaboration platform, for the financial services industry, that helps buy and sell-side firms turn their communications into transaction revenue. Global Relay Archive securely captures and preserves your Pivot 360 / CME messages as threaded conversations. These conversations also contain valuable summary information, such as number of participants, number… Continue reading CME Chat

ICE Chat

Global Relay Archive preserves ICE Chat communications as threaded, color-coded conversations with valuable summary information, such as number of participants, number of messages, and time-date stamped display.


Global Relay Archive preserves tamperproof records of Symphony instant messaging data for archiving, eDiscovery, supervision, and much more. Natively capture all Symphony conversations via Global Relay’s open connector API.