Compliance has never been a more complicated process to manage. In the highly regulated financial industry specifically, requirements to archive and supervise electronic communications are becoming increasingly stringent. At Global Relay, we have a laser focus on designing and delivering compliant archiving and information governance solutions for the financial sector and other highly regulated industries. Our solutions can help your organization meet its recordkeeping, supervision, audit, privacy, and business continuity requirements for electronic communications.

As a subject matter expert in compliance, we have extensive knowledge and experience of global regulatory requirements, privacy laws, data protection laws, and restrictions on transborder data flows. Whether acting as your required Third Party Downloader under SEC/FINRA regulations, capturing voice data to meet FCA regulations, or working through MAS requirements for using an outsourced vendor, we can help you meet your compliance requirements across all regions and countries.


  • Work with the leading provider of archiving and compliance solutions for the global financial sector. Eighty five percent of our 23,000 customers operate in the financial sector. This includes 60% of FINRA broker-dealers and 22 of the top 25 global banks.
  • Leverage the experience of our Training team to set up custom supervision structures, workflows, and policies.
  • Get professional audit support from our experienced Audit & eDiscovery team.
  • Leverage our in-house Legal team for tips and best practices to prepare for, meet, and respond to your legal and compliance obligations.
  • Tailor Global Relay services to meet your specific needs. We can support everything from a 5-user firm to a multinational organization with operations across multiple entities, regions, and countries.
  • Preserve, manage, and supervise all communication channels used by your employees in a single unified platform.
  • Receive automatic notification of potential violations with flexible policies that are perfectly tailored to your business and risks.
  • Empower your compliance staff with intuitive tools for policy management, compliance review, and queue management - no IT knowledge or assistance required.
  • Securely produce data online for regulators and auditors.
  • Run detailed reports on your communications data and supervisory activities - on demand or on a scheduled basis.
  • Instantly search and filter review queues by status, policy, user, group, and more.
  • View the history of every archived communication, including any reviews and related actions taken.
  • Visualize, filter, and make sense of large volumes of data with search analytics.

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