Security Strategy


Our record speaks for itself.

Millions of messages. Over 20 years of operations. We’ve never lost a single one.

Protecting your data is our business.

We take nothing more seriously than the security of your data.

Security, privacy, and confidentiality are fundamental drivers behind Global Relay’s services.

A selection of SOC-audited data center facilities, a high performance system infrastructure, 24/7 monitoring, highly redundant systems, military-grade encryption defense, in-depth strategies, and experienced, well-trained employees.

A 360 security approach

Access Security

Granular access rights, and configurable user roles, tightly control access to archived data and application functionality.

Physical Security

Biometric controls provide additional security for access to sensitive areas of our private data center.

Data Security

Archived data is dual encrypted at rest, with military-grade algorithms. Data preserved in a tamperproof, non-rewritable, non-erasable format.

Operational Security

Cybersecurity Operations Center

Centralized security information and event management system (SIEM), collects and correlates logs in real time.

Risk Reduction

Targeted attack detection, and denial of service protections, keep data safe and available. 24 hourly scans and pre-release code reviews pre-empt threats.

Penetration Testing

Annual penetration testing by a third party auditor provides independent analysis of attack vectors and security vulnerabilities.


Highly secure, resilient, and scalable IT infrastructure in two mirrored data centers supports failover in the event of a disaster.

Network Security

Our rigorous approach protects the accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of your data.

Host and network-based intrusion, detection, and prevention systems protect systems and services from attacks.

Legal Protections

Customer data is kept confidential in accordance with our Master Terms of Service and data protection laws.
We own and operate all hardware and equipment used to provide services.

Global Relay Trust Portal

Gain access to the security, due diligence, and vendor management documentation you need in the Global Relay Trust Portal.

This dedicated resource area helps your organization stay on top of your due diligence obligations with reports, business continuity plans, FAQs, and more.

We feel more confident in our email review compliance procedures and the process is definitely easier and less time consuming.

Sandy Dershem, Vega Chief Compliance Officer

Country Club Financial

My team are always finding new platforms but Global Relay’s connectors allow me to capture that data, wherever they communicate.

John Rodriguez

American Portfolios

We leveraged evaporative cooling for our new facility, a design strategy that would cut our energy usage by half.”

Warren Roy, Chief Executive

Global Relay

I’ve been using Global Relay for more than 10 years. and it is not just a compliance and archiving solution. It has provided me with a competitive edge – because I was armed with better, more reliable information than my competitors.

Guy Spier, CEO

Aquamarine Capital

In addition to industry-leading extraction and ingestion services, firms who migrate with us can expect exceptional communication and project management throughout their migration project.

Richard Cyphus, Director, Client Services

Global Relay

For nine years we have performed consistently well. We believe that our 2022 placement is much valued recognition of our vision and what we have done so far.

Warren Roy, CEO

Global Relay

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Follow-the-sun support for true global customer service.

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