Global Relay Archive for Government

From seamless data migration and secure, unified archiving through to messaging and collaboration tools, Global Relay provides government organizations with comprehensive solutions.

One single, unified platform

From messaging and collaboration tools, to seamless data migration; backed by secure, powerful archiving.

Global Relay Archive helps government agencies capture and retain electronic communication records, including text messaging, email, and social media, in a single repository, with built-in tools for search/eDiscovery and export.

Benefits for government

Streamline records management

Reduce cost and save time with a single platform and single source of truth.

Seamless data capture

Seamlessly capture any electronic communications data, with special emphasis on email, IM, video conferencing, social media, and text messaging.

Unparalleled scalability

Scale seamlessly for increasing user counts and data volumes, with no system performance, or speed issues.

FOI Requests

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Sunshine Laws help provide transparency into federal, state, and local government activities, but also create unique challenges around the capture, management, and production of public records.

The sustained growth of email, social media, text messaging, and enterprise collaboration platforms have forced public sector organizations to keep pace in an ever-evolving digital landscape; often with unintended consequences.

Global Relay is the leading provider of cloud-based, electronic records management, and messaging services. We design cutting-edge technology that allows public sector organizations to affordably capture and retain electronic communications, while providing access to built-in tools, that enable rapid responsiveness to public records requests, investigations, and litigation demands – all from a single, unified platform.

Records Management Automation

Eliminate manual records management risks by automating the capture, retention, and legal hold of all e-communications, regardless of their source.

Respond to open records requests securely, online, and the same day they’re received, in a matter of minutes.

Governments Face Significant Challenges

Records Requests

Slow search performance, across multiple non-integrated systems, makes servicing high volumes of records requests annually cumbersome and inefficient.

Budget & Resources

You are more than familiar with the proverbial question from management: “So, what does it cost?” The ability to deliver more with less is a critical mission for lean IT teams.

Manual Processing Risk

Preserving official business records is often left to the discretion of the employee. For example, dragging and dropping emails into an archive folder drains productivity and introduces unnecessary risks.


Signed up for a new service and now left to fend for yourself with nothing but ‘how-to’ documents? You need dedicated vendor expertise and resources to see the project through to completion.

Text Message Capture

Global Relay’s compliant text for Global Relay Message.

Streamline operations and compliantly capture text messages from corporate and employee-owned devices. Separate business and personal texts, sync address book contacts, and allow the sharing of files/photos from web, desktop, and mobile apps.

24/7/365 Support

Follow-the-sun support for true global customer service.

Phone, email, and message

You’ll never get a voicemail.

5 Star Reviews

Top marks in peer reviews for our unrivalled customer service.