Cisco Voice Recorder

Global Relay for Cisco Voice has been built to help you meet regulatory requirements (SEC Books and Record Rules, IIROC Requirement, and MiFID II), a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with existing Cisco systems to record specified users and directly and securely transfer call and recording data to the Global Relay Archive.

Cisco WebEx

Take full advantage of Cisco WebEx Teams, while remaining compliant, litigation-ready, secure, and in control. Our Cisco WebEx Teams connector creates and delivers high-quality, tamperproof records of direct messages, channel messages, shared files, etc. in real time. Turn your data into structured conversations and send it wherever you want – to Global Relay Archive or… Continue reading Cisco WebEx

Cisco Jabber

Global Relay Archive brings compliance and control to your CUPS platform by automatically capturing IM, group chat, and managed file transfers, from Cisco Jabber clients.