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Every communication type, captured compliantly

Archive business communication across any channel with Global Relay’s extensive catalog of Connectors. Connect and consolidate voice, social media, trade, and legacy data to be delivered to Global Relay Archive – or your compliant archive of choice.

Capture every data source, meet recordkeeping requirements

In recent years, global regulators have issued multiple fines for off-channel communication across a range of channels, from iMessage® to WhatsApp, and even for Xbox® voice chat. With increased regulatory expectation – from Marketing Rules, Consumer Duty, and compliant cultures – it is more important than ever to connect data from every channel to a compliant archive.

Whether you’re looking to capture IM, SMS, social media – or anything in between – Global Relay empowers your compliance with comprehensive data capture across every communications channel. So, all your communications data is captured, connected, complete, and compliant.

Find out how financial services are keeping up with communication capture challenges

Do you capture email communications to meet recordkeeping requirements? What about Zoom or LinkedIn? We’ve analyzed the data of over 10,000 regulated financial services firms to provide exclusive insights into the most commonly captured communication channels within financial service organizations.

Download our Data Insights Report to find out:

  • The most popularly captured communication channels within financial services
  • The disparity in communication capture between industry sectors
  • Trends in communication capture in North America versus EMEA
  • How communication capture has changed over the past five years
  • What these insights tell us about future regulatory priorities

Global Relay Data Insights Report: Compliant Communications

Enabling new communication channels

Our award-winning open connector framework enables you to keep up with the changes in the communication landscape seamlessly.

We support over 100+ data types currently without compromising on data retention quality by providing a complete audit trail and a clean chain of custody.

Why customers choose our live data connectors

Connect and consolidate your critical communications, voice, social, and collaboration data and gain valuable insights – all while meeting regulatory requirements and keeping compliant.

Our range of connectors spans industry-essential trade, digital, collaboration, communication, social, email, and voice channels to ensure you can connect to the data sources you need. And if you need a bespoke connector solution, we’ll build it – so you can capture everything.

End-to-end security

Your data remains securely encrypted in transit and at rest. We own and operate our entire technology stack with fully redundant systems in each of our mirrored, SOC-audited data centres.

Fast & scalable

Our Connectors are designed to process petabytes of data from multiple sources on a continual basis. Whether you have a single data source or global enterprise, our Connectors scale to your needs.

Intelligence baked in

With rich, full-text classification and advanced AI and Machine Learning models, Global Relay not only understands what is said, but how it’s being said.

Jurisdictional compliance

Consolidate data from multiple jurisdictions into a single solution with physical or logical segregation to meet global privacy and data protection regulations.

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iMessage is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
Xbox is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.

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