UK Gender Pay Gap Report


Global Relay UK Gender Pay Gap Report

Here at Global Relay, we are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace where all employees are valued and rewarded fairly for their contributions. We recognize the importance of gender equality and providing equal pay for equal work is not just a legal obligation to our organization – it’s a moral imperative.

Although there is still work to be done, our approach to closing the pay gap is multi-layered, reflecting our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace:

1. Transparency and Reporting

Our mission at Global Relay is to operate with transparency and integrity. This is the first year we have published our gender pay gap data, which is an important first step to track our progress and analyze where there are gaps. By bringing attention to the areas where we could make improvements, we are able to help drive meaningful change in our business and industry.

Global Relay will continue to conduct audits to assess pay discrepancies and report our progress as we seek to narrow this divide. 

2. Fair Recruitment Practices

Our recruitment process is designed to be fair and unbiased. We actively address potential barriers that applicants might face, to promote equality for all in our recruitment practices. We will continue to implement policies that promote gender equality in our recruitment processes and selection campaigns where there is under-representation of one gender.

3. Retention and Support

We prioritize the retention of our colleagues throughout their careers, which means implementing supportive programs and family-friendly policies such as flexible work arrangements and parental leave to allow for an appropriate work-life balance for all employees. We also provide equal opportunities for growth and communicate that everyone has the potential to succeed in their careers and will be supported in their progression.

4. Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

Global Relay strives to create an inclusive culture where diversity is celebrated and stereotypes are actively challenged. We promote diversity in leadership and ensure all voices are heard and represented. We also provide ongoing education and awareness programs to employees. By valuing different perspectives, we aim to create a workplace where everyone can thrive.

5. Collaboration and Advocacy

Tackling the underrepresentation or unequal pay of women in our industry requires a collaborative approach, so we can drive systemic change and ensure our organization at all levels support our initiatives. The Global Relay UK office has a graduate program to offer junior candidates the opportunity to break into the technology industry and gain experience in science, engineering, and technology. We also work to ensure that senior leaders take responsibility for addressing barriers to women’s progression and retention.

Going forward, Global Relay remains committed to these actions and programs, as we strive to create and nurture an equitable and inclusive workplace that empowers all our team members.

Hourly Pay Gap
Pay Quarterlies
Upper MiddleWomen13.1%
Upper MiddleMen86.9%
Lower MiddleWomen19.6%
Lower MiddleMen80.4%
Bonus Pay Gap
Receiving Bonus Pay