Empower your organization.

Seamless electronic records management and data capture solutions are designed to grow as your organization does, breaking down data silos, and protecting the information that matters most.

Your high performance information governance solution.

Mitigate risk and optimize data insight, all in one place.

Global Relay organizes and protects all your electronically stored information (ESI), in one intelligent platform. Our suite of solutions across data capture, preservation, and discovery ensure you meet your regulatory obligations, while always being prepared for audit, litigation, and investigation.

Reduce cost, save time

Single platform solution

All your electronic communications automatically captured in our secure, private cloud.

Simplify data production requests

Respond quickly to data requests with speed, accuracy, and confidence.

Empower teams

Allow legal teams to handle their own data production in a matter of seconds.

Our powerful suite of connectors enables you to capture, monitor and analyze across multiple data sources at scale.


Seamlessly scale, regardless of platform, headcount or message volumes.

Data migration

Consolidate data from disparate on premise or third party systems into a single unified repository.

Analytics and machine-learning

Maximize the value of your electronic communications data to deliver business intelligence and actionable insights, through embedded analytics and machine-learning.

Customized access

Create “ring-fenced” workgroups by allowing various stakeholder groups to interact with data in different ways, based on role & entitlement.

Global Relay for Enterprise

Your single source of truth for all of your electronic communication records requests. Capture, retain, and produce these communications from a single, unified platform that supports email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Text Messaging, social media and more.

Minimize operational risk and eliminate dependencies on disparate technologies, by implementing a single system of records for all electronic communications.

e-Discovery & legal hold

Be investigation ready with all your data instantly searched, culled, retrieved, and analyzed.

Simplify the EDRM process by collecting from one source, with automated data retention, disposition, and in place legal hold features.

24/7/365 Support

Follow-the-sun support for true global customer service.

Phone, email, and message

You’ll never get a voicemail.

5 Star Reviews

Top marks in peer reviews for our unrivalled customer service.