Data Migration

Complex migrations, made easy.

Simplify and enrich your data management by migrating to our secure private cloud.

Migrate your Data to Global Relay’s Secure, Unified, and Private Cloud.

Clean up your organization’s communications data, as part of a data unification plan.

Migrating to Global Relay Archive allows you to consolidate your valuable historical data in a secure, tamperproof
cloud repository, and efficiently manage it alongside all your new electronic communications, voice, trade, social media and other captured data.

Our expert Data Services team works closely with you to collect, deliver, process, de-duplicate, and import your legacy data to your Archive. We do this by using our industry leading, high-performance import tools, which have full reconciliation and a clean chain of custody.

Quality. Accuracy. Completeness

Simple & Seamless Migration

Cleanly import your historical data into Global Relay Archive – with enforced quality standards, full reconciliation, and a clean chain of custody

Secure & Unified Archiving

Consolidate and preserve in a secure, massively scalable archive all your electronic communications, voice, and trade data – available for rapid search and retrieval

Industry-leading Compliance Tools

Leverage advanced supervision, eDiscovery, legal hold, and analytics tools to meet your compliance mandates, manage employee conduct risks, and profit from your business data.

Global Relay Extractor for EV (EVX)

Global Relay Extractor for EV is our ultra high-speed, scalable service that extracts your on-premise data from Veritas Enterprise Vault™ directly to the Global Relay Archive.

  • Mitigates the risk of lost or unsecured data
  • Benefit from significant ROI by migrating to our secure, private cloud
  • Industry-leading extraction performance with zero downtime
  • End-to-end chain of custody and reconciliation
  • Securely control, manage, and automate user management

Global Relay Extractor for Source One (SOX)

The Global Relay Extractor for SourceOne (SOX), is a high-performance utility that migrates your data held within EMC SourceOne™ on-premise servers. It then efficiently and securely transfers it to the Global Relay Archive.

  • Maintain the chain of custody with data segregation and data classification
  • Streamline your data management processes and reduce the burden on your IT staff
  • Leading extraction performance with zero downtime
  • Significant ROI by migrating to the cloud
  • Requires minimal hardware / IT resource

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Maximizing Compliance, Minimizing Risk

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Global Relay Extractor for EV (EVX)

Learn how we simplify the extraction and migration of your Veritas Enterprise Vault™ data to Global Relay.