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WhatsApp Enable Your Business

Conduct and capture business communication – compliantly

Secure, compliant, and direct capture of WhatsApp business communication within the Global Relay app

With the proliferation of multi-channel communications in the hybrid workplace, it’s no longer possible to restrict employees from using consumer messaging applications. But using encrypted messaging platforms such as WhatsApp for business communications can present regulatory, operational, and security risks for firms without a secure way to capture and store that messaging data.

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Global Relay has an enterprise-grade solution that enables direct access to the WhatsApp Business Application Programming Interface (API) within the Global Relay app for fast, simple, and compliant messaging – all captured in your Global Relay Archive.

Empower your teams to communicate confidently with customers using WhatsApp while ensuring compliance with FINRA, SEC, MiFID and other regulatory requirements.

WhatsApp enable your business

Watch our latest webinar to learn how to use WhatsApp for business while still meeting your regulatory recordkeeping requirements

Watch this on demand webinar to learn about:

  • How to incorporate WhatsApp into your communication strategy
  • WhatsApp Personal vs. Business accounts
  • Global Relay’s WhatsApp solution

Why Global Relay for WhatsApp Business

  • Direct API: Legitimate capture of WhatsApp communication within the Global Relay app
  • Unify Communications: One dedicated business number for WhatsApp, Text, and Voice
  • Mobile, Landline, or VoIP number enablement: Route WhatsApp messages on a mobile corporate number, existing landline, or VoIP number.
  • Secure BYOD: Clear separation of business and personal WhatsApp conversations to support a BYOD policy
  • Integrated Compliant Archiving: Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled archiving of all WhatsApp messages including file attachments