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Microsoft Teams

Global Relay Archive brings compliance and control to Microsoft Teams by preserving tamperproof records of private messages, group messages, channel conversations, and shared files.

Key Differentiators

  • Seamlessly capture channels, chats, recorded meetings and files across other Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and Onedrive.
  • Messages are threaded to provide context and continuity in review.
  • Accurate voice transcription and surveillance enabled.
  • Enriched conversation view with conversation length and color-coded participants table to know exactly who said what when.
  • Selective user capture through directory synchronization via Azure groups.

Empower your organization by delivering Microsoft Teams data to Global Relay Archive:

  • Reconcile and unify your Microsoft Teams data with all of your other electronic communications, voice, video, chat, social media, trade data, and files.
  • Preserve tamperproof records, including automated audit trails of all actions, with optional WORM-compliant storage.
  • Get a full picture of who said what, when, and to whom.
  • Enrich your data with dynamic AI models and participant-based classification.
  • Manage the data lifecycle with flexible retention terms, data residency options, and defensible deletion policies.
  • Apply dynamic, automated legal holds.
  • Perform advanced search and retrieval across all data in seconds.
  • Empower your Legal, Compliance, Security, and Business teams with private workspaces (Functions) to access and analyze data.
  • Streamline eDiscovery and early case assessment using advanced classification and AI, case management tools, timelines, and data visualizations.
  • Detect policy violations using surveillance monitoring and AI-enabled behavioral analytics.
  • Efficiently supervise employee communications using AI models, lexicons, classification, and flexible policies.
  • Review conversations in context with intelligent threading of messages.
  • Securely share data and ideas with built-in collaboration tools.
  • Work with structured, enriched, and easily readable data to get complete and accurate discovery results.
  • Chat conversations
  • Channel conversations
  • In-meeting chats
  • Memes
  • Gify image data
  • Stickers
  • Chat and channel file attachments
  • Meetings and call recordings
  • Have your Teams users on Microsoft E3 + Information Protection and Governance add on (E5 Compliance suite add on) OR Microsoft E5 license
  • Have your Teams users, with at least a mailbox property, synced to the Azure Active Directory.
  • Your User mailboxes must be hosted on Microsoft 365, or on-premise Exchange server
  • There are some permissions that must be allowed in your Microsoft teams environment
  • Provide us with your Microsoft 365 domain name and your Microsoft 365 Global Administrator’s email

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