Global Relay services provide a unified information governance solution for electronic communications. We can help you implement a mature, cost-efficient, and high performance information governance program that mitigates risks, eliminates many IT and eDiscovery costs, and helps you create value from your data. The foundation of our solution is Global Relay Archive, a scalable cloud archiving service that acts as the single system of record for more than 50 types of communications.

The core of our approach is our unique 'Data-in-Place' model. Your communications data is securely captured, segregated to meet your jurisdictional and compliance requirements, enriched with custom metadata, and stored in tamperproof cloud repositories. Your authorized employees can access a single data set to find, manage, and analyze the information they need, when they need it. With this model, you can modernize your archiving platform, revolutionize your processes for eDiscovery and compliance, and use your communications data to improve employee productivity.

Building Blocks

Our information governance model is founded on five building blocks. Together, they enable your organization to efficiently manage, control, and profit from your communications data.

Securely control, manage, and automate user management, data segregation, and data classification by synchronizing your Active Directory (AD), LDAP, Azure AD, or Okta service with Global Relay.
Physically segregate your data by region, country, legal entity, or other criteria to meet data protection and regulatory requirements.
Automatically enrich metadata with classification tags based on any AD/LDAP group or attribute to streamline search, retention policies, access rights, and data production.
Streamline eDiscovery, supervision, and data production with collaborative workflows - with the option to deploy integrated messaging and directory services.
Empower all employees with 24x7 online access to the data and tools they need to do their jobs and make decisions.