Global Relay Message is Global Relay's flagship messaging and unified collaboration communications service designed to address the messaging, federation, compliance, privacy and security needs of regulated industries. Purpose-built for the financial services community, Global Relay Message is designed to interconnect several million users, built with system and data center redundancy for service resiliency and reliability, and tuned for high performance capable of transacting millions of messages each hour. With full service feature parity between thin-client desktop and mobile, users can seamlessly access the service and transition from the desktop to mobile devices at work, at home, or while on the move.

GR Apps Platform

Global Relay Message provides a superior and fully compliant messaging experience:

  • Mobile and desktop clients: Global Relay Message supports both mobile (BlackBerry, iPhone) clients, browser-based (thin) clients and standalone (thick) clients.

  • Synchronized clients: Global Relay Message supports multiple concurrent login sessions for a user on multiple devices, synchronizing messages across all sessions. Users can seamlessly move from a mobile device to their desktop in mid-conversation, and not miss a single message.

  • Send messages to anyone, anytime: The service enables users to send messages to their peers at any time, even when they are offline. When recipients log in, they can retrieve their messages and respond as just as they would if they were online. Global Relay Message is a complete, integrated messaging solution that removes the need for separate email and instant messaging applications.

  • Manage conversations like email: Email has become the lifeblood of corporate communications because it lets you easily manage and track many conversations. Instant messaging lets you converse interactively. With Global Relay Message, a user can manage their conversations like email, while still conversing interactively. Global Relay Message lets users manage the conversations in their inbox just like email - participate in active conversations, tag conversations, and archive inactive conversations.

  • Access all messages from an single in-box: Users have real-time access to any message right from their BlackBerry, iPhone or Microsoft Outlook. Powerful search functionality lets users quickly retrieve and restore any message in seconds, including email, instant messages, BlackBerry email, BlackBerry Messenger, Pin-to-Pin and SMS and Social Media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook. These new services significantly boost users' personal productivity whether they're in the office or on the road. In addition to allowing users to rapidly search, they can reply, reply all, forward, and recover across every type of message.

Global Relay Message is currently in Beta