Services Overview

Hosted Messaging Services

Global Relay's Suite of Hosted Messaging Services have been specifically engineered to provide businesses with high-performance, fully-managed solutions to address message archiving compliance, management, storage, security, eDiscovery, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Global Relay Message

Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration. Global Relay Apps is Global Relay's flagship email and IM unified communications service designed to address the messaging, federation, compliance, privacy and security needs of regulated industries.

  • Instant Messaging – Users can initiate 1-to-1 IM conversations, multi-user chat or join persistent chat rooms
  • Compliance - Supports ethical walls, off-line messaging, logging, archiving, monitoring, auditing, and reporting
  • Mobile Parity - users can access the service and seamlessly transition from the desktop to their BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, or Google Android
  • Blast Messaging – Users can send a blast IM that reaches multiple contacts at once
  • Message Archiving – all IMs and presence updates are copied onto the corporate servers twice before being sent to the recipient
  • Federation with other IM Networks – Global Relay’s Message Hub can federate and archive IMs from Microsoft OCS, XMPP/Jabber clients, Thomson Reuters, BlackBerry, Cisco Webex and more

Message Archiving and Monitoring

Enterprise Message Archiving and Compliance. The core of Global Relay is our fully-managed message archiving, monitoring and eDiscovery solution which mirrors data between our East/West Coast Data Centers and provides unmatched performance, resilience, security and scalability. Our solution consists of:

  • Global Relay Archive - Email and Instant Message Archiving with online search and retrieval
  • Compliance Reviewer - Turn-key, multi-tier monitoring and audits

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Message Converters

Global Relay Message Converter offers full conversion and import into Global Relay Archive, for retention and management of the most common message types used in finance and business:

  • Bloomberg® (Bloomberg Mail and Instant Bloomberg)
  • Thomson Reuters (Thomson Reuters Messenger, Thomson Reuters Eikon and Thomson Reuters Eikon Commentaries)
  • BlackBerry (BMail, SMS, PIN-to-PIN and BlackBerry Call Logs)
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and RSS feeds)

Message Hub

Global Relay Message Hub provides simple, secure, high-capacity, and high-availability message federation between financial services companies.

  • intra and inter-domain routing
  • default routes and ethical walls
  • simple to provision
  • scalable and fault tolerant

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Secure Email with simultaneous POP, IMAP and Webmail access.

  • includes Virus Scanning & Spam Filtering
  • support for Outlook & Outlook Express
  • seamless integration with Global Relay Archive
  • alternatively, for Hosted Exchange, see Global Relay's Hosted Exchange Partners

Email Filtering shields your corporate email servers from attack.

  • provides front-end Virus Scanning & Spam Filtering
  • seamless integration with Global Relay Archive

Email Continuity, provides a secondary, continuous Webmail system for complete email continuity in the event of a disruption of your Exchange/in-house primary mail servers.

  • 30 day rolling inbox
  • POP & IMAP access
  • includes Virus Scanning & Spam Filtering
  • support for Outlook & Outlook Express
  • seamless integration with Global Relay Archive

Email Encryption, provides complete end-to-end encrypted email and data protection service. Protects emails in transit being shared over the Internet, while fully integrating with the Global Relay Archiver's dual AES/RSA encryption for archived data at rest.

  • automatically encrypts emails containing sensitive information so they are in compliance with privacy and security regulations (SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, Massachusetts Privacy Law)
  • uses industry trusted standard PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and S/MIME technologies for strong encryption and digital signatures
  • powerful data loss prevention (DPL) solution that can be implemented without interrupting employees day to day workflow

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Global Relay Archive for Public Instant Messaging facilitates the secure capture of instant messages (IM) by Global Relay Archive for easy search, retrieval and monitoring. We offer three Instant Message Archiving solutions depending on a firm's requirements:

  1. Global Relay Messenger, our secure, closed-network Jabber messaging system
  2. IM Gateway hosted filter to capture and archive AOL, MSN, Yahoo & GoogleTalk
  3. IM Capture from Facetime and IM Logic in-house security appliances via SMTP

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Data Import and Migration

Legacy Data Importer migrates, imports and consolidates historical email from PST, NSF, MDIR & MBox files, backup tapes etc. to Global Relay Archive for rapid search and retrieval.

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