Global Relay Message is a high performance cloud messaging platform. It is designed to meet the messaging, federation, compliance, privacy, and security needs of the financial sector and other highly regulated industries. A fully integrated communication solution, Global Relay Message connects millions of users via a single global directory.

With Global Relay Message, your organization can securely communicate both internally and externally – with colleagues, partners, and counterparties. Users can seamlessly move from their desktops to their mobile devices at home, at work, or while on the move.


Instant messaging. Send 1-1 and multi-party IMs, with support for concurrent conversations with the same participants.

Channels. Create persistent chat rooms dedicated to a specific topic or team.

Blast messaging. Message a few select contacts or broadcast messages across your network.

Mobile parity. Seamlessly move from your desktop to your iOS device at work, at home, or while on the move – without losing a single message.

Secure collaboration. Global Relay Message uses HTTPS for secure client connections and supports secure login against your corporate identity provider (IdP).

Compliant archiving. All messages are securely captured and stored in Global Relay Archive.


Business success can depend on the ability to quickly locate and communicate with colleagues, counterparties, and partners. Global Relay Directory provides your employees with access to their community wherever they are. User accounts are sourced from corporate Active Directories® ensuring all contacts are authentic and verified.

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