Unstructured data like email, IM, and text messaging now accounts for 80% or more of business records. Proper management of these records is crucial to protecting your organization’s intellectual capital and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Global Relay Archive proactively organizes your data, protects your intellectual assets, ensures regulatory compliance, and prepares your organization for audits and litigation. Designed to meet the strict recordkeeping requirements of the most heavily regulated and litigious industries, it automatically captures and preserves your corporate communications in a massively scalable and secure cloud repository - creating a centralized record of who said what, when.


World's fastest and most scalable archive. Preserve data for up to 400,000 users in a single Archive, with search speeds across petabytes of data measured in seconds – not minutes or hours.

Unified repository for all electronic communications. Store 50 data types in a unified Archive with federated search and policy management.

Tamperproof records. Preserve evidentiary-quality copies of all communications and attachments in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format that complies with the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), SEC Rules 17a-4 and 204-2, FINRA Rule 4511, CFTC Rules 1.31 and 23.201-203, and other international regulations.

Flexible role-based access controls (RBAC). Use RBAC to give all of your employees the tools they need to search, use, and create value from your archived data.

Verified data capture. Document the storage of all data with daily archiving and reconciliation reports.

Proprietary full-text indexing. Full-text index communications and attachments at the time of import for rapid online search and retrieval.

Complete, searchable metadata. Retain and index data type-specific metadata typically dropped by other archiving and eDiscovery systems.

Comprehensive logging and audit trails. Document user and system activity, including the full lifecycle of every archived communication from import to deletion.

Multi-jurisdictional compliance. Consolidate data from multiple countries and regions in a single solution - with physical or logical segregation to accommodate global privacy and data protection requirements.

Independently verified security. To ensure the security and confidentiality of customer data stored in our private cloud, we use strict internal controls that are independently audited and verified by EY.

Rock-solid reliability and redundancy. We own and operate our entire technology stack – software, hardware, and primary data center – with fully redundant systems in each of our mirrored, SOC-audited data centers.


Maximize value and visibility of corporate communications. It’s not enough to simply store data for a rainy day. Employees need tools to quickly find critical data, identify patterns, and make daily decisions. Using Global Relay Archive’s role-based access controls, Global Relay Search provides all employees with search, collaboration, and productivity tools to help your organization make the best use of its data.

Rely on a single source for every data type. Global Relay Archive acts as your single system of record for all electronic communications. It eliminates dependencies on multiple archiving vendors, backups, and PST files, supports unified policy management, and ensures accurate data production.

Minimize regulatory and legal risk. Global Relay Archive was engineered to meet SEC, FINRA, FRCP, MiFID II, GDPR, and other recordkeeping requirements. It captures, processes, and preserves a complete set of your electronic communications in real time, proactively preparing you for audits and litigation.

Reduce operational risk. Global Relay Archive is your proactive risk management solution. It provides an indisputable, time-date stamped record to safeguard you in the event of customer, supplier, or employee issues, errors, or allegations. It also provides flexible supervision tools that can help you identify and manage legal exposure and other risks before they damage your corporate reputation and operations.

Reduce costs and capital expenditures. Global Relay Archive requires no software, hardware, or programming and alleviates the IT burdens of data management, storage, and security. We charge simple monthly user fees that are predictable and flexible to meet your evolving needs.


Unify all of your electronic communications in our private cloud. Global Relay Archive securely captures, indexes, and archives over 50 data types in a single repository. Please contact us if you need to archive a data type that is not listed here.


Microsoft Exchange

Office365/Exchange Online


Google Mail


Instant Messaging

Cisco Jabber (CUPS)

Cisco WebEx

Global Relay Message

IBM Sametime



Skype for Business

Skype for Business Online


Microsoft Teams

Custom SMTP

Market Data Chat/Financial Messaging

Thomson Reuters


CME Messenger

ICE Chat





UBS Chat


Text for Global Relay Message




Social Media









LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Enterprise Social Networking

Cisco Spark


Salesforce Chatter









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Restore, consolidate, and manage your legacy communications data alongside your live data feeds. Our professional Data Services team can migrate your legacy data at 20 times the speed of our next best competitor.

We cleanse the data through rules-based analysis and classification and perform de-duplication, conversion, import, and quality assurance. We can also reconcile migrated data to ensure a clean, defensible chain of custody that meets the strictest regulatory and legal standards.

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