Supervision & Surveillance

Find the real issues.

Combine content, context, and concepts to find true policy violations and identify areas of concern – before they become problems.

Spot it as it happens, before it’s too late.

With thousands or millions of communications passing through your business everyday, it’s increasingly difficult to stay on top of the things that matter. Things like:

• Rogue traders
• Insider threats
• Bullying and harassment
• Offensive language
• Disclosure of confidential information

With our AI-enabled solution, it’s never been easier to track what matters to you.

Proactively supervise corporate communications.

Spot it.

Intelligently flag high-risk content, using a mix of AI models, lexicons, message metadata, and participants. Exclude low-risk content, like disclaimers and approved marketing material, from triggering a hit. Test and refine your policies in real-time – no IT knowledge or sandbox required.

Review it.

Automatically route policy hits to the right people. Support your reviewers with tools to quickly understand context, identify patterns, take action, document their work, and conduct deeper investigations if needed. Your reviewers will thank you.

Prove it.

Log every step of the supervision process for complete visibility and oversight. Give reviewers and their managers real-time visualizations of the review workflow, policy hit rates, and frequent offenders. Also easily generate the reports and metrics your regulators and executives demand.

Key features and benefits

Holistic surveillance

Conduct holistic monitoring across electronic communications, voice, trade data, and files – all in one system. Get the full view of what’s happening in your business.

False positive reduction

Take advantage of AI models, precise policy targeting, and real-time policy refinement to find the real issues. Use feedback loops to re-train models based on user input.

On-demand analytics

Help reviewers visualize communication patterns and spot anomalous events with communication timelines, relationship graphs, conversation threading, and more.

Flexible workflows

Build efficient, collaborative workflows that map to your internal structure and reporting lines. From a simple, centralized review program, to a multi-jurisdictional, ‘three lines of defense’ structure.

Discover more

One system. Endless possibilities.

Unstructured data, like email, IM, voice calls, and files, accounts for 80% or more of your business records. This data is your best resource for understanding employee behavior and how your business runs.

Our flexible, AI-enabled tools help you conduct investigations, uncover risks and trends, monitor employee behavior, and find what really matters. From Legal, to Compliance; HR, to Data Science – every team can quickly build their own solutions. Private workspaces keep each team’s work secure and confidential.

We feel more confident in our email review compliance procedures and the process is definitely easier and less time consuming.

Sandy Dershem, Vega Chief Compliance Officer

Country Club Financial

My team are always finding new platforms but Global Relay’s connectors allow me to capture that data, wherever they communicate.

John Rodriguez

American Portfolios

We leveraged evaporative cooling for our new facility, a design strategy that would cut our energy usage by half.”

Warren Roy, Chief Executive

Global Relay

I’ve been using Global Relay for more than 10 years. and it is not just a compliance and archiving solution. It has provided me with a competitive edge – because I was armed with better, more reliable information than my competitors.

Guy Spier, CEO

Aquamarine Capital

In addition to industry-leading extraction and ingestion services, firms who migrate with us can expect exceptional communication and project management throughout their migration project.

Richard Cyphus, Director, Client Services

Global Relay

For nine years we have performed consistently well. We believe that our 2022 placement is much valued recognition of our vision and what we have done so far.

Warren Roy, CEO

Global Relay

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