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Refinitiv Dealing

Global Relay and London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG, previously, Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters) have had a strong 13 year partnership. Global Relay’s class-leading archiving technology captures and preserves complete Refinitiv FX dealing conversations and tickets. Meet regulatory requirements such as LIBOR, TIBOR, SIBOR, and MIFID II by storing your Conversational Dealing chat data. Through Global Relay’s proprietary method, for logging and archiving Refinitiv FXT data, compliance officers, legal teams, and eDiscovery, staff can perform highly granular searches – based on a wide variety of user actions, compliance reviewer actions, and system events.

Key Differentiators

  • Manage your Refinitiv Dealing tickets alongside your firms other vital eComms.
  • Store all of your Ticket data at a branch or global level, using your requested number of desks.
  • Because the service operates alongside the existing STP implementation, no changes, upgrades, or integration work is required.
  • Dealing Conversation
    • Dealing Ticket
  • Trade direction (buy or sell)
    • Trading desk
    • Internal ID
    • Dealer ID and code
  • Reach out to your Refinitiv Account Manager to sign up for this service.
  • A Refinitiv FXT service.

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