The most trusted name in regulated financial markets.

With 20 years’ experience behind us, we help financial institutions address complex regulatory and privacy challenges, while maximizing the opportunities of an AI-enabled digital future.

A wealth of experience

From the birth of the cloud, to the advent of AI, Global Relay has helped financial institutions navigate a labyrinth of complex regulatory and privacy requirements.

As pioneers of private cloud archiving over 20 years ago, we have been the innovators in compliant communications, partnering with our customers to help them address their retention, supervisory, legal hold, and audit challenges.

Today, we are innovating still, to help banks prepare for the opportunities and risks that new remote communication and collaboration technologies bring.

The single-source solution for communication archiving, supervision, and compliance.

Bank Level Security

Your data is kept confidential in accordance with international data protection laws. Data remains securely encrypted in transit and at rest. We own and operate our entire technology stack with fully redundant systems, in each of our mirrored, SOC-audited data centers

Consolidate and Simplify

Consolidate your critical data from multiple regions into a single solution. Use physical or logical segregation to meet global, multi-jurisdictional privacy and data protection regulations.

Global Support 24/7

Global support for every business role. Dedicated, live, technical support gives customers the assurance of ‘follow-the-sun’ support and assistance. You’ll never get our voicemail.

Intelligent Compliance

Real-time classification, powered by specialized AI, provides contextual data enrichment and enables intelligent workflows for Compliance, as well as across the enterprise. With Global Relay AI you not only understand what is said, but how it’s being said.

Trusted, rock-solid reliability

Meet regulatory and legal requirements.

Global Relay Archive is specifically designed to meet the strict recordkeeping requirements of the most heavily regulated and litigious industries. SEC, FINRA, CFTC, MiFID II, FCA, SFC. CCPA & GDPR.

Complete control of your data lifecycle.

Control your data from capture to disposition. Tailored to fit your requirements, with data residency options, flexible legal hold retention terms, lightening fast full archive searches, and rapid data production.

Built to grow with your business.

From small companies to global banks, Global Relay Archive was built to scale to your business. We own and operate our entire technology stack, assuring you of security, performance, and reliability.

The complete regulatory solution

Recordkeeping, supervision, legal hold, and audit solution for Capital Markets helps you meet the complex compliance requirements of SEC, FINRA, and exchanges.

Automatically capture, and retain, communications data across email, voice, instant messaging, Bloomberg®, LSEG, mobile messaging, social media, and more.

  • Preserve and index original metadata for each data type.
  • Retain data for the required 3-to-6 year term (or as defined by your internal policies).
  • Store tamperproof copies of each archived communication.
  • Full-text index and serialize each archived communication.
  • Log all actions on each archived communication in unalterable audit trials.
  • Migrate your legacy data with a clean and defensible chain of custody.
  • Extend retention terms for legal holds and regulatory investigations.
  • Appoint Global Relay as your Third Party Downloader for independent SEC and FINRA mandated access.

Proactively manage oversight obligations, while ensuring transparency and policy understanding, across the organization.

  • Automatically flag communications based on flexible rules.
  • Conduct advanced analysis with Boolean logic, criteria lists, proximities, and more.
  • Randomly sample data.
  • View highlighted keyword matches for quick review.
  • Conduct full review of communications and attachments.
  • Approve, reject, or escalate flagged communications with action icon and notes.
  • Build a multi-tiered review structure for escalation, to senior compliance staff.
  • Create wizard commands to perform multiple actions with a single click.
  • Filter review queues by policy type, status, date, and other criteria, using a Compliance Dashboard and advanced search controls.
  • Enforce granular access rights
  • Document activity in unalterable audit trials.
  • Create and modify supervision policies and workflows.
  • Monitor activity with detailed ad hoc and scheduled reports.

Respond to regulators with speed and certainty to portray the right image for your team.

  • Search for and retrieve any archived communication in seconds.
  • Produce data online for regulators, external legal counsel, and other third parties.
  • View statistics and reporting on compliance reviews and related actions taken.
  • Extend retention terms for legal holds and anticipated investigations.
  • Leverage our in-house legal, audit, and eDiscovery teams to assist with subpoenas and other investigations.
  • Use case management tools to identify, organize, and review data.

Beyond preservation. Gain actionable insights for more agile decision-making, with our industry-specific AI technology.

Global Relay’s team of specialized data scientists and regulatory experts have developed a suite of AI-enabled classification algorithms, specifically designed to reduce false positives in surveillance queues.

Combining language, sentiment, and regulatory focused, machine-learning models, Global Relay’s classification provides rich metadata for more accurate search results, eDiscovery, and supervision queues.

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