Your employees are constantly sending and receiving emails, IMs, texts, and other electronic communications. This data contains powerful insights into your organization's business operations. But the sheer volume of data means even finely-tuned, targeted searches can produce an overwhelming number of results to sift through. And without the proper tools, it is difficult to identify patterns and detect anomalies that may be the key to finding a critical piece of information or locating the 'needle in a haystack.'

Global Relay Analyze provides real-time search analytics to help your organization visualize, filter, and make sense of data stored in Global Relay Archive. You can also conduct operational analytics that provide insight and visibility into how your employees are using Global Relay services.


Our in-depth operational analytics allow you to:

  • Monitor and understand how your employees are using Global Relay services.
  • Streamline security audits.
  • Detect unusual or suspicious behavior.
  • Monitor data flow to your Archive(s).
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