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Unstructured data like email, IM, voice calls, and files accounts for 80% or more of your business records. Proper management of these records is not just crucial, for regulatory and legal compliance, it’s at the core of understanding employee behaviour and how your business runs.

Global Relay Archive enriches, analyzes, and organizes your data in a scalable, cloud data store. Embedded workspaces and workflows put the right data in the hands of the right people, helping your employees work faster and smarter.

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Global Relay Archive Ranked The Highest In All Four Use Cases in 2022 Gartner® Critical Capabilities For Enterprise Information Archiving.

Global Relay Archive is recognized for the 10th time in Gartner Critical Capabilities Report.

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Consolidate your data to simplify information governance and drive better business outcomes.

  • Data connectors
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  • Identity and access management

Key features & benefits

Instant Access

Secure access to archived data for supervision, surveillance, eDiscovery, and more. Use team workspaces, custom workflows, and integrated collaboration to support your efficiency.

Trust your data

Rely on reconciliation reports, enforced quality standards, constant integrity checking, and audit logging to confidently account for every archived item.

Enrich your data

Add intelligence and preserve historical context with automated data segregation, participant and AI-based classification, as well as conversation analysis.

Comply with regulations

Designed to meet the strict recordkeeping requirements of the most heavily regulated and litigious industries. Comply with SEC, FINRA, CFTC, MiFID II, privacy, and other regulations.

Manage the data lifecycle

Control your data from capture to final disposition. Tailor to fit your requirements with data residency options, flexible retention terms, and dynamic policies.

Real-time AI

All data is evaluated against your AI models, as it’s imported into your archive. Feedback loops help you re-train models based on user input.


One archive. Unlimited uses.

It’s not enough to store data for a rainy day. Your employees need tools to quickly search data, identify patterns, and make decisions. Global Relay Archive’s flexible, AI-enabled tools help you conduct investigations, uncover risks and trends, monitor employee behavior, and find what really matters. From Legal, to Compliance; HR to Data Science – every team can quickly build their own solutions. Private workspaces keep each team’s work secure and confidential.

Why customers trust us with their data

No one takes the security of your data more seriously.

Global Relay Archive encrypts each archived item with a unique AES key. Each AES key is encrypted with an RSA key. We also encrypt your data in indexes and other system components.

The gold standard in encryption key management, our hardware security modules (HSMs), ensure no one can access your encryption keys – even our systems administrators. With our unique Advanced Key Control service, you can even independently control your private encryption keys.

Global Relay Archive is the only archiving solution that constantly scans data to ensure its integrity, from import through final disposition. Our Constant Integrity Check scans verify that all data is present, viable, and accessible, throughout your entire retention term.

Comprehensive logging and audit trails document all user and system activity. This also includes the full lifecycle of every archived item, from import to deletion. Secure APIs provide log data, in standard formats, for use in your SIEM system, or internal reporting tools. If you prefer a turnkey solution, we offer that too. Out-of-the-box reports and live dashboards provide the information and metrics your regulators and executives demand.

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Compliance is our specialty. Find out why thousands of financial services firms and banks use our solutions to meet their recordkeeping, supervision, data protection, legal hold, and discovery requirements.


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